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2013/06/23 France Day 06: From Cassis to Avignon
π 2013-06-23 01:01 in France2013, Trips

After getting up in Cassis, we had to drive out already (no time to spend a whole day to hike to a Calanque), so we drove to to a market on our way to Avignon, and went to see other things on the way.

We stopped at a nice little town to visit and see the local market: L'isle sur la Sorgue.

Next, we went to a Lavender Museum and other nice views:

Chateau de Gordes in the background
Chateau de Gordes in the background

And drove towards an Abbey which we unfortunately didn't have time to visit, and their lavender hadn't quite bloomed yet:

Next was to go see the Rousillon Ochre, quite nice:

And finally, we arrived in Avignon, a bit late, but not too late to see a few things before dinner. Le Palais des Papes is impressive. We went to see it the next day, so we went on the famous Pont D'avignon that evening:

And time for another nice dinner:

But we went back out quickly for some sunset pictures:

And finally time for bed :)

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