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Ok, so I like electronic dance music, more specifically Trance. Unfortunately, the US, it's let's just say... a bit behind in that department. If you ever hear such music on the radio, or even in the street, let me know (for instance, in Australia, I heard great Trance in even a waterslide park of all places, and in Europe you can easily get EDM/Trance on broadcast radio).
Since 2004 (it's not 2016), the good news is that Trance has grown quite a following in the US, and places like the SF Bay Area, and while Trance has been declared dead a few times in the last 10 years, it's still going strong here, and we're lucky to have at least one or two big Trance parties per year, so yeah!
With San Francisco and San Jose nearby, I've had some opportunities to see some great EDM/Trance DJs. Back in the early 2000's, they sadly played club music in the US that was nowhere close to the hits they had composed and were known for, but over the years, as Trance started becoming more popular, those DJs finally started playing their good tunes in the US too, and maybe from 2004 on, it's only been getting better.

Over time, I've seen many of my favorite DJs across the world, whether it was locally, in New York City, Canada, Australia, and of course Ibiza, and at Halloween 2004, I finally attended some great local parties that proved that you could get the good stuff locally too (even if all the artists came from other countries :-).

Over the years, I also got the chance to meet a few of my favourite DJs, here are some pictures with Johan Gielen (2004), Paavo and Tony (2014), and Armin at Ruby Sky in 2005, 2007, and 2009:

You can find all the pictures here

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2005/06/12 4 years of A State of Trance
π 2005-06-12 10:09 by Merlin in Clubbing

Current Music: AvB - ASOT 200 :)
Current Mood: Good

My week has been a bit busy, and I've been flying on thursdays anyway, so unfortunately I missed the live broadcast of Armin's 200th show. Not the end of the world since I've already downloaded it, but it would have been nice to listen to it live and be on the irc channel when it was being broadcast.

Anyway, he's now been spinning every thursday for that show, for 4 years straight. Pretty cool.
What was really nice about this show was it was a compilation of the best of Trance for the last 4 years, and the result was absolutely awesome. Sure, it was a lot to cram in 2H, but Armin did a great job of it again. I'm sure however that it's even more enjoyable when you know all the tunes he played and you could recognize them early in the transition and pick out the ones that were new mixes.

If you've ever been just a bit curious about Trance mixes (or Techno in general), or you're not really sure this is your kind of music, but you're willing to give it one (last?) shot, give this mix a try (2H, 170MB). If you don't like it, you'll know for sure :)
I know that I'm personally not a big fan of Rock, but I've actually come to appreciate some artists like Linkin Park, so go figure...

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