The Alliance Franšaise de Santa Clara Valley's mailing lists

The lists

The following are the three mailing lists of the Alliance Franšaise de Santa Clara Valley

This mailing list is aimed at the actual "paying" members of the Alliance Franšaise of Santa Clara Valley. It will be managed and controled by the Alliance itself. Note that this list hasn't been created yet.
You can Email Denis Derendinger for more info.

This mailing list is designed for general discussions. Anyone is welcome to join.

Most people on this list are either French native speakers, or understand French, however a few subscribers are English speaking only, and English is also sometimes more convenient.
Therefore, both English and French are acceptable languages for the lists

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The Archives

The mailing lists are archived. You can read past messages here:

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1998/12/07 (22:02) Version 2.0: Listing of all 3 lists after convertion to mailman
2001/06/17 (23:11) Version 2.1: All lists are gone except keskydee