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Dear Valued Customer,

Microsoft welcomes you to its local sales office today. We are always available to answer any questions you might have about Microsoft products and technologies.

We understand that part of your purpose today is to request a refund for the version of the Windows operating system that came preinstalled on your personal computer. The license agreement that accompanies the version of Windows preinstalled on new PCs clearly states that if users for some reason choose not to agree to that license, they should contact their PC maker to address this issue. When a consumer purchases a new PC, the license for Windows resides with that specific PC maker, and each PC maker has its own process for working with customers on licensing issues. PCs sold with Windows preinstalled are optimized for the Windows operating system by the PC maker to guarantee the best customer experience. At the request of the PC makers that license Windows for resale, Microsoft must direct you to the PC maker from which you purchased your copy of Windows.

Fundamentally, you, the consumer, have a choice of operating systems and PCs. You can purchase a PC with a non-Microsoft operating system or a PC with no operating system preinstalled at all. In fact, more than 200,000 PC makers worldwide will allow you to choose which exact components you want on your PC, from processor to video card to operating system software. According to the LINUX.ORG Web site, more than 60 OEMs in 14 countries offer PCs with LINUX preinstalled. The choice is yours, and we hope that you, like millions of other customers around the world have done, choose Microsoft operating system products to run your PC and enhance your computing experience.

As always, we invite your comments and feedback on how we can continue to serve our customers. Feel free to visit the Microsoft Web site at

Thank you,

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