Day 1: The Convention Center

So, we went to the same convention center than last time. The place is quite big and definitely adequate for the show. What was awesome is that this time we they even had banners in the streets of San Jose to promote the event.
[picture] [picture]


Linuxexpo however had a lot of sponsored food, which was nice if you just wanted to grab some junk food for lunch, and have dinner at one of the several Vendor sponsored events.
Here, there weren't as many evening events, but they wouldn't let you starve, during lunch you could buy an overpriced barbecue for close to $10, more than Comdex I believe...


Another change from last time is that the winners of last show's goon squad award, i.e. the old ladies that checked badges everyone, got even worse this time. They would check my badge on the way up, and again before entering any room. Then, some even checked my badge on the way out!!! One could tell that they had gotten specific instructions to be specifically harsh.
I can understand that they may not want random people who didn't pay to attend tutorials, but when you're talking about access to the showfloor, which you could easily get for free, or for $15 at the door, is it worth it to overdo it all that much?

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