Day 3: Conferences: X - Pushing The Envelope To Get a Better User Interface

Raster enjoys breaking X and making it do things it was never meant to do, he works at VA Linux Systems and he is the author of Enlightenment.



When you do graphics, latency, i.e. time you wait for X to give you an answer after you make a call, latency is critical.
Some X calls can be slow, XGetGeometry() is an example. This is why you want to cache data you get back from X calls.

The irony is that it my be less expensive to have a background in a window as it gets cached in the video card memory compared to a background blank redraw over the network for instance.
XShmPutImage is about ten times faster than XShmGetImage because the hardware is optimized to write and not read so you want to cache information in main memory.

This gives you an idea of what his talk was like. It was technical and kind of hard to summarize. You can look at Raster's presentation (in Staroffice format) here

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