Day 2: Conferences: KDE 2.0 features

Kurt Granroth, KDE developer/Evangelist who works at Suse, gave the current state of affairs for KDE 2.0.


He started with the common question: When will KDE 2.0 be released?
The answer is quite naturally: When it's ready :-) (probably sometime in september though)


I tried to take notes as fast as I could, but Kurt covered a lot of things and his slides were hard to photograph because he would unfold additional bullets as he went along, leaving me to guess if the slide was ready for a picture or not :-).
A static version of his slides is now linked on the KDE slide page and can be found here

If you spawn a second browser to look at his slides while you read the bullet points, you'll be able to see the screenshots he showed

He started with the new features in KDE:

Major parts of KDE: Random features
  • Widget theming
  • Country and language features
  • Icon themes
  • Accessibility Options
  • Other cool features Major subsystems of KDE 2.0:
    KDE subsystems were the most worked on parts of KDE, the new features really come from the new infrastructure.

    After his presentation, we had a quick Q&A session:

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    2000/08/22 (22:36): Version 1.0
    2000/08/23 (22:36): Version 1.1. KDE slides just became avaiable, I added a link to them