Day 2: Bofs: XFree86 4.0


Dirk Hohndel from Suse and head developer of XFree86 originally had a talk but it somehow didn't make it to the list of talks, so it became a BOF. Despite that, and the fact that the BOF conflicted with other ones, more than 50 people still showed up.

So Dirk ended up giving a short version of the talk he gave at LinuxWorld. You can look my report from LinuxWorld for the details and look at his slides which are in the picture library.
He did mention that after heading back home, he would make another release of XFree86 to include the new drivers that have been written since version

After his short presentation, we went started talking about XFree86 (since this was a BOF in the first place). A few points that were mentionned were:

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99/05/23 (10:20): Version 1.0
99/05/27 (22:35): Version 1.1. Changed references to XFree to XFree86 as suggested by Dirk