Day 1: Showfloor

I couldn't resist having a small peak at the Showfloor while it was still being setup, and managed to take a couple of pictures before I evil forces located me on their scanners and escorted me out :-)

Note to self: I gotta get me one of those exhibitor badges

A linux show wouldn't be complete without the friendly folks from Linuxmall. Mark Bolzern is there as always.


While the showfloor is much bigger than the one from the previous linuxexpo (well, there wasn't really a showfloor last year), it also seemed a bit smaller than LinuxWorld Expo's.

I guess there are two reasons for this: first of all, LinuxWorld benefitted from doing their show in the Silicon Valley, which made it a no brainer decision for many local exibitors to come. The second reason is that I believe we are starting to have too many linux shows every year.
If you think about it, we now have LinuxWorld Expo Winter, Linux Pavillion at Comdex Spring, Linuxexpo (1998, 1999), LinuxWorld Expo Summer, Atlanta Linux Showcase, and the Linux Pavillion at Comdex Fall ( 1996, 1997, and 1998).

I later talked to Bob Young and he indicated that Linuxexpo's purpose isn't to be the biggest linux tradeshow, he'll happily leave this to someone else. Linuxexpo is more about the community, the speakers, the conferences and so forth.

I also noticed that V.A. Linux Systems didn't have a booth per se. Since Larry Augustin is a smart man, he figured that instead of moving all those V.A. people and equipment from California, it'd be easier to just buy someone who's already there, so V.A. bought Linux Hardware Solutions and had some presence in their booth :-)
(just to make sure, this is a joke. V.A. did buy LHS, but not for that reason :-))

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