Thinkpad 365XD

This page only has information specific to this laptop. If you haven't come from there, and before Emailing me, please look at the main page for more info and specs.

This laptop works just fine with the exception of X, which can exhibit a few problems. For some people, Xfree will only work up to version 3.2. For others, subsequent versions of X will also work.
Back when I had this laptop, I did a survey of bios versions and success/failure reports, and thought that upgrading your bios version seemed to solve the problem of not being able to run Xfree 3.3 or above.
Please see the following page from Dave Mentré to which I contributed a lot of info.
The original page disappeared a long time ago, but I fortunately kept a mirror of it. Note however that most of the information dates back to 1997, so it is very outdated.
I got that laptop stolen in 1998, so I'm afraid I can't give you much help with it anymore.

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